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Apocalypse Weird Q&A: Jennifer Ellis

This week, I’ve been posting Q&As with the authors of the first five Apocalypse Weird books. So far, I’ve spoken to Michael Bunker, Nick Cole, Chris Pourteau and E. E. Giorgi. Today, we have Jennifer Ellis, author of Reversal. Apocalypse Weird: Reversal (Polar WYRD Book 1) Hi Jennifer, welcome to the site. Tell us a little bit about your […]

Apocalypse Weird Q&A: E. E. Giorgi

Next up in my series of Q&As with the first wave of Apocalypse Weird authors is E. E. Giorgi, author of Immunity. Hi Elena, welcome to the site. Tell us a little bit about your Apocalypse Weird book, Immunity. My book Immunity takes place in New Mexico and follows the stories of thrash metal lover and computer […]

“We are the ones they left behind”

Continuing the post-apocalyptic theme for the traditional Wednesday music post…  Get a FREE copy of my short story, Only Friends by subscribing to my newsletter. [“We are the ones they left behind” by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 25th February 2015]

Apocalypse Weird Q&A: Chris Pourteau

For the third in my series of Apocalypse Weird Q&As, I’m talking to Chris Pourteau, author of The Serenity Strain. I’ve read several of Chris’ books, including his Pennsylvania fan fiction, Gettysburg and Susquehanna and he’s an excellent writer. I’m really looking forward to reading The Serenity Strain. Hi Chris, welcome to the site. Tell us a little bit about […]

Apocalypse Weird Q&A: Nick Cole

I remember very clearly when and where I first discovered Nick Cole’s writing. It was a Summer’s day a couple of years ago, and I was sitting in a park in Vancouver, looking for a book to read on my Kindle. I spotted Nick Cole’s The Old Man and the Wasteland and it sounded like a good way […]

Apocalypse Weird Q&A: Michael Bunker

Today is the big day for Apocalypse Weird with five new books hitting the shelves: Texocalypse Now by Michael Bunker and Nick Cole The Dark Knight by Nick Cole (the sequel to The Red King) Reversal by Jennifer Ellis The Serenity Strain by Chris Pourteau Immunity by E.E. Giorgi I posted my thoughts on the project on Saturday, […]

Apocalypse Weird Trailer

Today marks the big launch of Apocalypse Weird – the shared world project from Michael Bunker, Nick Cole, Rob McClellan, Tim Grahl and a whole host of great authors. To celebrate, they’ve launched a new trailer for the series.   There’s also a Facebook launch event this afternoon (times are in PST) 2:00-3:00 PM: Chris Pourteau & Lesley Smith […]

The Apocalypse is Coming and it’s Weird

Something interesting is happening next week. Or to be more precise, five interesting things are happening and they combine, like some literary Transformer, to create something very interesting – Apocalypse Weird is coming.   Apocalypse Weird is a shared world project featuring a series of novels, each with their own post-apocalyptic scenarios – everything from diet pill zombies to giant […]

“Everyone has a different story”

I had to make an unexpected trip back to the UK last week and while I was there, I stopped by Banbury’s newly resurrected independent record store, Record Savings, with a couple of friends to see a band I’d never heard of – The Bonnevilles. They’re a “Garage Punk Blues” duo from Northern Ireland. I have a […]