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Building the Apocalypse – 30 March 2015

Yes, I’ve already missed my self-imposed goal of posting these on Mondays but The Walking Dead Season Finale trumped writing the blog yesterday. It’s worked out for the best anyway, you’re getting something more than a few word count metrics. I’m going to talk a little bit about the writing tool I use for my fiction […]

StoryStylus KickStarter

I’m a bit of a KickStarter addict. I’ve backed everything from children’s books to HP Lovecraft Blu-rays to card games about exploding kittens to photographs of librarians. I try to stay away from the site these days because it’s just too tempting and there’s only so much room in our apartment. That said, I’ve just backed my 97th project – […]

The Truth About David Gatewood

This blog post could end my indie career. I don’t normally write about political or other emotionally charged subjects, but I can no longer stay silent on the subject of the editor, David Gatewood. Like so many people, I’ve been taken in by his charade. I’ve bought the books he’s edited, watched him on social […]

Joining the Apocalypse

Last Monday was a day of highs and lows. It started off with one of the quickest rejections I’ve ever received – just under twelve hours. But it ended with news from Nick Cole that the Apocalypse Weird team had accepted my pitch for a novel set in London. Or to put it another way, I have […]

“I can even take him in the bath”

Tonight, my wife and I are heading out to Amanda Palmer’s Friends from TED event. Last year’s NinjaTED event was fantastic but involved a lot of queueing. This year there are tickets so we won’t have to spend quite so long standing on the Vancouver streets. To commemorate the events, here’s the video for the […]

Darknet by Matthew Mather

Just a quick post to highlight the fact that Matthew Mather’s new book Darknet is now available. I read an ARC of this and really enjoyed it.   Here’s the description: One minute Jake O’Connell is on top of the world with a beautiful family and bright future as a stock broker in New York. The next minute […]

A Farewell to Cable

This morning, a friendly Shaw Cable technician picked up our DVRs, so now we’ve officially cut the cable. Or rather we’ve cut one of the dozens of cables that connect us to reality. The decision to drop cable often comes from the realisation that it’s possible to download most content for “free”. That switch to a life of digital thievery is usually accompanied […]

“Oh my feet don’t touch the floor”

Florence + The Machine have a new album coming out – How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. I’m a big fan of their music so I pre-ordered the album on iTunes and was able to download a track straight away. It’s called What Kind of Man and has a striking video (Warning: Contains some imagery that may […]

Six Things I Learned About the Apocalypse

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a series of interviews with the authors of the first five Apocalypse Weird books. As part of those interviews, I asked each author to tell me something about the Apocalypse Weird project that people might not know. Here’s what I learned. Texocalypse Now (originally Digger) was the original book […]