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8 Things That Make Apocalypse Weird Cool

There’s only about 60 hours to get on board the Apocalypse Weird Indiegogo crowd funding campaign so here’s 7 reasons why I think you should take a look at it. 1) It’s the first of its kind. This is, as far as I know, the first time so many traditionally published and indie authors have joined forces to create […]

Siren’s Call is Finished…Sort Of

I just finished the final tweaks to the first draft of my Apocalypse Weird novel, Siren’s Call. The final word count came in at 68,162. Still lots of work to do, but I’m very happy with how it’s turned out so far. Now it sits on my hard drive for a couple of weeks or so to […]

Weapons of Mass Deception by David Bruns and JR Olson

A while ago I read a short story by David Bruns called I, Caroline. It’s a well written, emotional tale and I really enjoyed it. I’ve read several other short stories by David and they’ve been very good. He also has a several full length novels out including The Dream Guild Chronicles series and they’re sitting in my to […]

“A mouth like Texas and that ain’t small”

The Jesus and Mary Chain are playing Vancouver tonight (to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their album, Psychocandy) and we’ve got tickets so this week’s musical interlude was an easy choice. A lot of the band’s tracks are distortion heavy (especially the tracks on Psychocandy) and are a bit of an acquired taste but this is Blues From a […]

Building the Apocalypse – So Close

Time for another update on progress on my Apocalypse Weird novel, Siren’s Call (working title). I had hoped this post would be a celebratory “I’ve finished the first draft of Siren’s Call” post but it wasn’t to be. Total word count was 5,002 for the week. As you can see, I switched into revision mode […]

5 Stories I Read Last Week

We interrupt our normal programme of links to random nonsense for links to five stories I’ve enjoyed recently. The Rift Cell by Chris Batchelor Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Apocalypse by Claire Spaulding The Sky Didn’t Load Today by Rich Larson The Words on the Walls by Brynn MacNab Wrong Word by Michelle Ann King And a random image from […]

“a mislabeled Kenobi”

A new song from The Doubleclicks – Tiny Paper Elephant. This one was inspired by images sent in by their Patreon patrons Twitter followers. If you’d like to hear more, The Doubleclicks are touring soon and they’re playing an online gig on Friday – details here. Get a FREE copy of my short story, Only Friends by subscribing […]

Building the Apocalypse – Why London?

Every Apocalypse Weird novel is set in a different part of the world. Nick Cole’s The Red King takes place in Southern California, Hoodoopocalypse is set in New Orleans while Immunity throws New Mexico into the mix. When it came to picking a place to destroy with my particular apocalypse, London was the obvious choice, for a couple of reasons. […]

5 Things I Learned Last Week

I guess this should have been Star Wars themed but I’m feeling too crappy to be that organised. “Stan” has created some fantastic VHS covers for modern films and TV shows (the original French post is here). The Doubleclicks are coming to Vancouver Cairo is the world’s largest open air chair museum Andy Baio has been experimenting on […]