Monthly Archives: July 2015

Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 5 – The Destroying Ray

In last week’s episode of the Flash Gordon rewatch, Flash, Dale, Princess Aura and Prince Thun were trapped in the palace of the shark men as it floods. Time to find out how they get out of this particular mess… Ming uses a “ray” to counteract the magnetic power that holds the shark palace underwater. Thanks to Ming’s intervention, […]

“Wherever there is danger he’ll be there”

A few weeks ago, Netflix Canada added the 80s TV show, Danger Mouse, to its line up. My wife and I watched the first episode and it was as fun as I remembered. Like all the best kid’s TV it has humour that works for kids and adults alike. Danger Mouse will be returning to […]

A New Story

Ethel the Muse struck this morning, just as I was getting up. I’ve had a new story sitting in the back of my mind for a couple of weeks now, and today Ethel decided to provide me with an intriguing opening to get things going. I didn’t want to lose the words so while I was eating my breakfast […]

My 5 Favourite Films So Far This Year

My wife and I haven’t been watching as many films as we used to. My Pinterest board shows only 28 so far. That’s a similar pace to 2014 but way below 2013 when we watched 92 films across the whole year. As we’re close to the middle of the year, I figured I’d post my top five […]

How to Write Every Day

On 30th June 2013, I sat down and decided I would start writing every single day. I haven’t missed a day since – which means a couple of weeks ago I hit the two year mark in my writing streak. I’ve already posted a by-the-numbers breakdown of my streak so far, but I thought I’d also post a few […]

Cthulhu Has Risen

A while ago I backed the C is for Cthulhu kids alphabet book on Kickstarter Now they’re back with this…   How can you resist? I know I couldn’t, just click here and this little fella could be all yours.   For a limited time, I’m giving everyone who signs up to my mailing list 5 free […]

“Game is over, I’m full of regrets”

Appearances can be deceptive…   That was Take My Chance by DOLL$BOXX. These could be the lyrics: If there’s no love, I’ll wait Even when I’m angry and betrayed, I still haven’t given up completely, right? ONE CHANCE I’ll stretch it and take a risk I can’t let it end like this The last advantage The […]

Two Years of Writing

It’s been a while since I made a pure metrics post, I’ve been focusing on writing and editing, rather than writing about writing and editing, but I recently passed a milestone that I thought was worth talking about. On 30th June 2013, I sat down and decided I would write every day, and I haven’t missed a day since – which […]

Building the Apocalypse – The Middle of the End

After three rounds of my own revisions, my Apocalypse Weird novel, tentatively titled Siren’s Call, has gone off to Wonderment Media’s editor, Ellen Campbell. Now the waiting begins as Ellen reads through the draft and tracks down any issues – not just bad grammar and spilling mistales but also parts of the story that are too slow or don’t make […]