Monthly Archives: January 2016

Get a Year of Stories

For the last few months, I’ve been giving everyone who subscribes to my mailing list, four free ebooks – Bottled Lightning, Saviour, Curfew and Only Friends. The stories are a starter library of sorts and serve as a good introduction to my writing. This year, I wanted to go a bit further so I’m launching A Year of […]

A Year in Books – 2015

As is traditional, I’m posting my 2015 wrap ups late. Even later than last year but hey, that’s the way it goes. According to GoodReads I read 92 books last year. That number’s roughly correct – it includes my own books but there were a couple I didn’t log on GoodReads for various reasons. That’s close […]

Farewell, 2015

So, that was 2015. My wife and I continued our New Year’s Eve tradition of spending the evening at home watching horror movies. This year we went with The Babadook and Hellraiser: Revelations. The Babadook was excellent, very creepy. On paper it’s the usual horror film trope of a family (in this case a mother and […]