Monthly Archives: November 2016

Draft Four – The Final Conflict

Last night I wrapped up the fourth draft of The Girl in the Machine. This morning I sent the manuscript to my editor for the next step along the road to publication. He’ll send back his edits, I’ll do another revision pass accepting most of his suggestions, then the new manuscript will go back to him for another once over. Then […]

“Everybody knows the good guys lost”

My wife and I were lucky enough to see Leonard Cohen when he visited Vancouver a few years back and it was one of the best gigs we’ve been to. His albums drop into my music rotation on a regular basis and his book, Beautiful Losers, was one of the first I bought when I moved to […]

A Drafty Machine

It’s 4pm on Saturday afternoon here in Vancouver and I’ve just wrapped up the second draft of The Girl in the Machine which now sits at 67,671 words. After working through the notes I made on the print out of the first draft, I pulled out a few broken chapters, simplified some sections and general fixed […]

The Girl in the Machine – The First Draft

On November 7th I  hit the next big milestone on The Girl in the Machine – The first draft. The final word count for the draft was 69,527. I immediately printed the whole thing off and the next day sat down to start editing. (Click to sneak a look at the opening chapter) I always do my first editing pass […]

Sold! – Sitala

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’d sold a story to Dark Fuse Magazine (it’ll be available soon). This week I got another acceptance, this time for a science fiction story called Sitala. The sale is to Fighting Monkey Press for the third anthology in their UnCommon series – UnCommon Minds. I appeared in the first in the series – UnCommon […]