Monthly Archives: March 2017

Two Nights in New Orleans – A Snippet

I’m currently revising some of my short stories for a collection I’ll be releasing later this year, and I thought I’d post some unedited snippets here. This is from Two Nights in New Orleans, a story that was originally published in a magazine produced by the British Fantasy Society… Two Nights in New Orleans Annabel held […]

“Dress me like the front of a casino”

I’m pretty sure the last music video I posted was Alexandra Savior, but Mirage has been on regular rotation on my playlist since it was released and I make no apologies for posting another one. I’m still looking forward to hearing the full album, Belladonna of Sadness, once it’s finally released. Sign up for my newsletter and […]

Last Call

Today is the last day to get all three books in the Leah King Trilogy for 99c each. The Girl in the City is always 99c, but tomorrow The Girl in the Wilderness and The Girl in the Machine will be going back to their normal price of $2.99. So, save yourself four bucks and pick […]

F is for February (and Flu)

It’s probably ironic or something that the first year I get a flu shot is also the first year I get the flu (although I may have had it 25 or so years ago, maybe). I don’t think those two things are related – the shot was months ago and isn’t 100% effective. It is […]