Monthly Archives: June 2017

Hey, It’s Saturday

We interrupt my regularly scheduled absence with a quick update. The box set of The Leah King Trilogy launched on Wednesday and its going extremely well. Far better than I hoped. Thanks to everyone who’s bought the book so far. If you haven’t, you can get your copy from Amazon right now by clicking HERE. […]

Out Now – The Leah King Trilogy

It’s launch day! I’ve created a box set of all three of my Leah King ebooks (The Girl in the City, The Girl in the Wilderness, and The Girl in the Machine). Yes, they don’t really come in a box but you know what I mean. I tried to up the stakes and the action with each […]

Coming Soon – The Leah King Trilogy

If you’re on my mailing list you already know about this, but for everyone else, the box set of all three Leah King books (The Girl in the City, The Girl in the Wilderness and The Girl in the Machine) launches on Wednesday June 14th and for a limited time, the complete set will be […]

The Ides of May

No, that title doesn’t make sense. So, May wrapped up a few days ago, so it must be time for a quick progress update. First up, writing. The entire month was spent working on the fourth of my zombie books. I wrote 27,411 words and it felt good. I love writing first drafts. The editing […]

Coming Soon on Audio…

Yesterday morning, I heard the news that Audible have opened up their ACX service to Canada and Ireland.  Basically, ACX is a service that allows anyone to produce and sell audiobooks through Audible (and elsewhere) – which means I can finally produce audio versions of my books. I think Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet in particular would […]